100% CO2-free energy supply of the future

The first phase of energy transition has been realized by the establishment of renewable energies. The current second phase is determined by further efforts in: the expansion of renewable energies, the reduction of energy consumption (CO2 emissions), the increase of energy efficiency, the optimization of energy systems and the coupling of the electricity, gas, heating and mobility sectors.

The collaborative project Zero Carbon Cross Energy System comes in at the start of the second phase of the energy transition in order to implement the decarbonization of the energy supply. ZO.RRO researches and develops innovative systemic solutions for a CO2-free energy supply of the future, which will be tested with more than 50 companies nationwide in the second project phase starting in 2022.

Research focuses on the CO2-free provision of ancillary services needed for a high level of supply security and the development of flexibilization options in industry and commerce that enable CO2-free and economically viable use of energy while contributing to grid stability. The goal is to implement real-world measures from which we can learn throughout Germany.

Under the consortium leadership of the Technische Universität Ilmenau, partners from science and industry are developing an approach for the transformation of the energy system using Thuringia as an example. Within the project, the Thuringian Renewable Energy Network (ThEEN) e.V. acts as a communication office and brings partners as well as interested multipliers and companies together through a variety of event formats and communication channels.

ZO.RRO is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (FKZ 03ET4080A-E) and by the Thuringian Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation. The total project budget amounts to 2.8 million Euros.

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