FLTR: Jana Liebe (ThEEN), Paola Ferrario (Region9), Martha Erhard (GACC Chicago), Nicole Griensewic (Region9), Britta Schneider (GACC Chicago)

ThEEN Managing Director Jana Liebe met with representatives of the German-American Chamber of Commerce (GACC) in Chicago, Illinois on August 19, 2022. She was accompanied by representatives of the Region Nine Development Commission from Minnesota, a contact that was established during the ACE delegation trip to Denver in 2021.

The innovation cluster and the ThEEN flagship projects were presented. The GACC Chicago, which organizes the German-American energy and climate partnership on the US side, showed particular interest in the smoodTECHNOLOGIES and tools developed by the ZO.RRO project. The energy transition and approaches to sustainable economic development were also discussed. A take-away for the all-female group was the idea of continuing to foster and deepen their collaboration in the future.

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