ThEEN Association

The Thuringian Renewable Energies Network (ThEEN e.V.) is the expert network for the renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency and sector coupling, based in Erfurt. The network has more than 70 members from economic, science and public institutions and represents and draws upon the expertise of more than 300 companies through its sector associations such as “Working Group of the Thuringia Hydroelectric Power Plants”, “German Wind Energy Association”, “Geothermal Association of Thuringia”, “Biogas Association” and “Thuringian Solar Energy Association”.

Together, ThEEN and its members are driving the energy transition both within and from Thuringia. Our main purpose is to combine and draw upon the expertise of our members in the different sectors of the renewable energies, energy storage as well as energy efficiency and also bring them together via cross-sectoral task forces, specialist events and regional, national and international projects.

The ThEEN Association is connected to the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.